Sam Silversides Yoga Teacher Montreal

Sam Silversides

Sam is a passionate yoga practitioner and teacher who draws on a diversity of traditions and styles in his approach. He believes yoga begins with listening.

Being a skateboarder back in secondary school, he was first drawn towards yoga by a casual mention of it in a magazine where the author suggested it could improve your skateboarding. Little did he know then that it improves your everything. Some intellectual contact followed years later through studying Indian philosophy in university, and also by discovering an old vinyl record with a guided asana practice.

Then the torch was really lit when Sam discovered the Moksha studio in Guelph, Ontario –just before moving here to Montréal. Dina T. remains his greatest and strongest yoga teacher, his ultimate asana master who has helped him to create more opening in his body and breath then he ever imagined possible before.

Sam’s style of teaching is bright, direct and encouraging, and he has an eye for precision. Yoga is sarva bhava, “universal culture”. He believes that all are welcome in the immortal technique, the great art and science of yoga.