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Antoine Pommet

Antoine was a gymnast throughout his teenage years and never stopped moving after he retired in his early twenties. For a couple of years, he was running a lot between Montreal, Paris, London and Longueuil while flirting with the worlds of Arts and Fashion.

He practiced Moksha yoga and Power Flow for over 5 years before he dared to dive into the journey of teaching and embark the adventure of Moksha training in L.A. in 2014. In that first training, he claims being particularly fascinated by the yoga therapy approach of Laurier-Pierre Desjardins and is convinced Dina T. corrupted his brain with her anatomy class.

His teaching is passionate and dynamic and he prioritises the accessibility of the yoga poses with respects for the body. With Antoine, the physical practice is focussed on sustainability of the body while exploring the threshold of personal surpassing. He insists: “it has got to remain fun!”

The principle that interests him the most in his yoga teaching: Live To Learn.

The fuel to his every action: exchange.