Tristan Millette

Tristan attended his first yoga class a few years ago at the suggestion of a friend. He immediately fell in love with, not only the physical side of the practice, but the idea of leaving everything aside and drawing all his attention and focus onto his breath as he moved through the poses. He found his first savasana so exhilarating! He has… More details


Dee Perusse

Dee is a Moksha graduate and the newest addition to our big Moksha family! She’s been practicing us for years and the evolution to teacher and then to Operations Manager was only natural. She’s one smart cookie and has a lot to offer, on and off the mat. We hope you enjoy her as much as… More details

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Andee Partridge

Andee has quickly become an integral part of our team! She joined Moksha Yoga NDG in 2014 as an Energy Exchanger and started as their assistant manager 6 months later. She is now the Communications and Marketing Manager for Moksha Yoga NDG, Montréal & Griffintown. Reach out!


Dina Tsouluhas

Dina is an avid student and teacher who lists ‘learning’ as one of her favorite things to do. With an unwavering passion and innate curiosity about the human body, Dina completed her studies in Osteopathy, is an adored teacher of Basic Anatomy at the Moksha Yoga Teacher Training and is the keystone to the Moksha… More details


Sara Gallagher

It was in 1995 that yoga changed Sara’s life! “I felt taller and that I had more space in my body!” So the journey began, through gym style yoga classes, to different studios, teachers, until she found the heat! “Practicing yoga in the heat rocked my world! It bypassed all of my resistance, tore down… More details


Babba Ganoush

Babba (or Babba G to his many friends) came to the studio for the first time in February 2011 and yet it feels like he has been there forever. His occasional outbursts might fill you with fright but his warmth and good nature will shine through (eventually). He brings a level of comfort to the… More details