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The 30 day challenge!

May 1st to May 31st

The 30 day challenge!

yoga for 30 consecutive days

$135 for all

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all of our Karma funds will be going to Big Brothers Big Sisters

David Regelin in Montréal

David Regelin at Moksha Montréal
Saturday, April 12th | 9:00am (2 hours)
Geometry of standing postures with David Regelin
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Standing postures are structural foundations for the entire practice. This class will designate and connect focal points in the body in order to create an imaginative blueprint that can enhance the mind body relationship and overalllevel of skill in practice. Standing postures we will be complimented with seated and inverted postures as well.
Saturday, April 12th | 12:30-2:30pm
Architecture of back bending and the arches of the human body (2 hrs)
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This class will bring awareness to the many small curves of the body and relate them to the great curves of backbend postures. We will address techniques for reforming arches for those who do not naturally backbend, and creating boundaries for those whom back bending comes all too easily. Complimentary forward and side 

Sunday, April 13th | 9:00am (2 hours)
Yoking, joining, binding: bringing parts together to create a unified whole.
It may seem paradoxical, but the integrating aspects of binding actually liberate the body. Bound postures are unique to yoga asana practice, and exemplify the ways in which the body is designed to fit together.
This class will focus on the bound postures that open rigid bodies and creates boundaries for especially flexable bodies.
Sunday, April 13th | 12:30-2:30pm
Class Physical Origami
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This class combines both innovative and familiar sequences of postures that bring to light the various ways in which the body is designed to fit together, fold and unfold. Expect a fluid physical practice with arm balances, inversions, standing and seated postures.
Throughout the practice expect nuanced descriptions of form and technique, as well as adjustments, and demonstrations of adjustments. 
Leave with new insights into practice and teaching and a clear and effective method of adapting your body to the archetypal forms of yoga postures.
$160 - David Regelin - ALL 4 sessions - STUDENT & AUTORENEWERS
$85 - David Regelin - DAY pass (STUDENT & AUTORENEWERS)
$45 - David Regelin - SINGLE session (STUDENT & AUTORENEWERS)
About David - A New York City based yoga teacher, David Regelin is interested in the ongoing exploration of yoga’s potential, depth, and complexity. Over his 10 years of practice, he has shifted from simply working hard, to working efficiently, methodically, architecturally, and imaginatively. 
David believes that a yoga practice can refine and elevate our sense of self, harmonize our constitution, and transcribe the body’s language. Through practice and study, most notably with Nevine Michaan, he has developed a method of teaching that relates the depth, skill, relevancy, and practicality that a mindful yoga practice has to offer.


Moksha en Morceaux


April 19th—Breaking Down the Basics en français! A workshop on fundamentals with Annie Chamberland. Break down your yoga postures using alignment as a means to gain depth and understanding in your practice. Build upon these principles so that you can move forward with a solid and safe foundation. A fantastic exploration for both the seasoned practitioner and the yoga newbie! Tout en francais!!!! 

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$20 regular | $15 students | $10 autorenewers.


Pranayama & Chanting techniques

April 26th—Techniques of Pranayama and Chanting. A workshop led by Anna Smutny. Pranayama is the study of breath and energy in the body. Practicing proper techniques of pranayama can induce mental and physical stability, clarity, and some say pranayama prepares the body for meditation. In this workshop we will use pranayama techniques and bija mantras as a method for circulating dormant energy in the body and clearing the chakras. We will finish with a guided meditation or savasana. Spring clean from the inside out! All levels welcome! 

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$20 regular | $15 students | $10 auto renewers


The return of Noah Mazé

May 9th-11th—Noah Maze is back by popular demand!!! Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to practice with one of the yoga communities’ most accomplished yogis. With over 30 years of practice and study under his belt, Noah Maze brings his dedication and heart to all aspects of his teaching. Mark your calendars—this is a workshop not to be missed! Details and pricing will follow, but in the here and check this out...