studio events and workshops

Noah Mazé is back at Moksha Montréal

January 10-11th.  Noah Maze is back!!!  
We are so thrilled to welcome Noah back into our community for what is bound to be a fun, dynamic and informative workshop.  Here’s what to look forward to in this not-to-be-missed opportunity:
This session will build strength and opening in steady and creative vinyasa sequencing and standing poses. Be prepared to play hard! 
Nourish yourself in this class of inversions, meditation and pranayama.  
Come ready to flow and work strongly in standing poses and backbends and energize your day and take your backbends to new depths.  
Less presentation, more practice!  Sequencing Strategies: Join Noah for a 3 hour intensive for teachers and committed students
the prices :  

both days (4 sessions) $175 | students and auto renewers $160

one day (2 sessions) $90 |  students and auto renewers $80
1/2 day (1 session) $50 | students and auto renewers $45


Darren Rhodes coming to Moksha!

January 31st – February 1st : Darren Rhodes is coming to Moksha Yoga Montréal.
Saturday, January 31st and Sunday, February 1st  - Calibrate to Capacity : Travel through the 200 poses that make up the yogahour syllabus.  Darren regards these 200 poses as an asana-alphabet or a practitioner-periodic table of sorts.  Explore everything that hatha yoga has to offer via props, modifications and instruction.  Available to fit students without significant limitations or injuries.  Darren will be co-teaching with Sam Rice.  An incredible asset to your weekend.  His addition is designed to maximize and calibrate your practice.
Pricing    - Master Package (everything) - $200 and $190 for students and autorenewers  
               - Weekend Package (sat and sun) - $170 / $160 for students and autorenewers 
               - Day pass (2 sessions) - $90 / $80 for students and autorenewers 
               - 1 class (1/2 day, 1 workshop) - $45 / $40 for students and autorenewers
               - Teachers class on Fri - $50 / $45 for students and autorenewers 


Sara & Dina in Costa Rica

March 2015! 
March 23rd - 28th - Peace, Power, and Play. Time to think about a Costa Rican yoga retreat. Join Dina T. and Sara Gallagher in this awesome opportunity to beat the depths of winter and instead, dive deeper into your practice, your power, and of course, the waves of Costa Rica!!! 
Contact Sara at 514.544.9642 or