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David Regelin is back at Moksha Montréal

November 29th & 30th - We are thrilled to welcome David Regelin back to Moksha Montreal for another amazing workshop designed to deepen your understanding of yoga fundamentals. David Regelin is a New York based teacher who has a foundation in Kula Yoga, but also has studied with Nevine Michaan. His classes are focused on alignment and the dynamic relationship of shapes and forms within the architecture of the human body. 

Saturday and Sunday : 9:30am - 11:30am & 1:45pm - 3:45pm
$180 for all 4 | $100 for a day pass (2 workshops) | $55 for a half-day (1 workshop)
students and autorenewers : $160 for all 4 | $85 for a day pass | $45 for a half-day (1)

Saturday, November 29th - 9:30 am - The Joy of Surya Namaskar!
1. "Dynamic movement, Rhythmic breathing and the joy of surya namaskar!
Surya namaskar is the foundation for a solid breath based vinyasa practice, and can also serve as a preliminary skill for pranayama and eventually meditation.
In this workshop we will cover:
-postural techniques that help facilitate "floating" transitions by using leverage and joint articulation.
-Breath and movement coordination that facilitates "bandhas" which guide waves of energy fluidly through the body and makes the practice feel like surfing.
-simple visualization techniques that guide the body through space efficiently and effectively. Think of it as a way to strategize, rather than leave every jump to chance.

Saturday, November 29th - 1:45 pm - Handstands and Bandhas
2. Handstands & bandhas- how to jump, press, float using and be the cool handstand guy/gal in the room without being clunky and annoying.
- discover both your outward and inward strength. Learn to use minimal muscular tension, efficient stacking of bones, and the mysterious magic of bandhas.
-mindful form/effortless action: avoid the common injuries (wrist problems anyone?), and develop the kind of technique that makes it all look so "easy".

Sunday, November 30th - 9:30 am - Centering skills
3. Centering skills- we are all a little eccentric (off-center) and yoga postures reveal this in a dynamic way. The way we position our posture actually repositions our eyes, ears, organs, nervous systems and minds which is why yoga asanas are so effective, for better or worse..
Whether your goal is to learn a vast array of postures or stick to the basics, if your learn how to self adjust, your asana practice will transcend exercise and become meditative. This class will offer sequences and foundational postures from all categories that, when adjusted well, can change one's experience of the entire practice!

Sunday, November 30th - 1:45 pm - Vinyasa Upaya
4. Vinyasa UPAYA : a vinyasa class which employs both classical postures and logical variations thereof. Class style is fluid and full of possible variations for the practitioner to pick and chose from. Instructions are offered that emphasis how one posture compliments another, or how how one prepares you for the next. Includes handstand/arm balance opportunities that are not meant as peak moments but rather extensions of foundational skills. They are optional and perhaps even unnecessary, just fun.

Sara & Dina in Costa Rica

November / December 2014! 
November 29th - December 6th-Peace, Power, and Play. Time to think about a Costa Rican yoga retreat. Join Dina T. and Sara Gallagher in this awesome opportunity to beat the depths of winter and instead, dive deeper into your practice, your power, and of course, the waves of Costa Rica!!! 
Contact Sara at 514.544.9642 or