Thea Metcalf yin and restorative vinyasa yoga teacher Moksha Montreal

Thea Metcalfe

Thea Metcalfe is a certified Moksha, Moksha Flow, Yin and Restorative teacher with over 10 years of yoga experience. She is a unique, approachable and dedicated yoga instructor and a highly-respected Yin teacher in Montreal.

Born in British Columbia, Thea has called Montreal home since 1999, and began her yoga practice the same year. She has completed 700+ hours of yoga teacher training. She is passionate about creative yin sequencing informed by an understanding of anatomy and the use of clear detail, helping students get out of their heads and into their bodies, while recognizing the simple and profound pleasure of breath and movement.

Thea’s 9 months as a Karma Yogi, living at Kripalu Center in Massachusetts, in 2009, was a crucial step in her yoga development. She currently teaches at Moksha Montreal and Naada Yoga.

She remains a committed learner—studying, investigating and cultivating her curiosity and creativity. Yoga is her lifelong path.