Matt Phippen yoga teacher Moksha Montreal

Matt Phippen

Matt has been practicing Asana since 2004. Seeking a way to release cumulative tension in his body (built up from downhill skiing), he tried hot yoga at Moksha Yoga Montréal, with the LOVELY Dina T. He immediately noticed the physical benefits of this practice, and began incorporating it into his physical fitness regime. It was not until the winter of 2009 that he came to appreciate the elements of Yoga that go beyond “exercise” and body awareness.
Traveling to Thailand and training at the Agama center under Swami Vivikananda created a deep impression on the way he looked, not only at his Yoga practice, but the lens through which he saw the world. Immediately enthralled by the teachings of breath awareness, mantra, meditation and the ethics involved in this ancient practice, Matt set a new intention for his life path: to become a teacher, and share this knowledge with others.
Matt completed the Moksha Teacher Training course in October 2010, travelling back to Thailand and practicing at Pyramid Yoga, under David Goulet, a student of the great and late Swami Gittananda. There he deepened his knowledge of Yoga, especially that of the Chakra system and Pranayama. He is proud and honoured to be a representative of the Moksha community, and grateful to be teaching at the Montréal studio!!!