Dina Tsouluhas

Dina is an avid student and teacher who lists ‘learning’ as one of her favorite things to do. With an unwavering passion and innate curiosity about the human body, Dina completed her studies in Osteopathy, is an adored teacher of Basic Anatomy at the Moksha Yoga Teacher Training and is the keystone to the Moksha… More details


Sara Gallagher

It was in 1995 that yoga changed Sara’s life! “I felt taller and that I had more space in my body!” So the journey began, through gym style yoga classes, to different studios, teachers, until she found the heat! “Practicing yoga in the heat rocked my world! It bypassed all of my resistance, tore down… More details


Babba Ganoush

Babba (or Babba G to his many friends) came to the studio for the first time in February 2011 and yet it feels like he has been there forever. His occasional outbursts might fill you with fright but his warmth and good nature will shine through (eventually). He brings a level of comfort to the… More details



Hunter was found in a bad place and in a bad way. Three weeks old, thrown into a dumpster with a bite mark on his head. Luckily for him, he was thrown out beside a church on an island that was being visited by some good-natured Canadians. He was brought to a good place (well,… More details


Sonia Raposo

Since 2011. Sonia is the engine oil of Moksha Yoga Montréal, she keeps things running and quite smoothly at that! She is the proud momma of Hunter, some soon to be named human and is an avid yoga practitioner. She teaches Moksha (every once in awhile) in English and French. Her true talent lies in… More details


Marie-Josée Chouinard

MJ has been with Moksha since day one. Her journey began 2002 with Daryl Vansier while she completed a 200-hour teacher training of Dyvia yoga: a simple and soft practice that allows for the body to open up. Practicing Ashtanga eventually led her to make the acquaintance of guest-teacher Hart Lazer white whom she completed… More details


Anna Smutny

We have been very lucky to have Anna teaching at Moksha Yoga Montréal. It has been many years (and one child later). She is equally drawn to teaching Moksha and vinyasa Power Flow classes. Quietly spiritual, she brings a deepness to your practice. A humble warrior, no doubt. As well as being a senior Moksha… More details


Jordanna Kavanat

since 2010. Jordanna started doing yoga when she was 18 years old. She went in thinking it was more about body than mind. She didn’t realize that the two could exist in the same practice, so together and so apart. After being a personal trainer for a couple of years, yoga seemed to find her…. More details


Hannah Dorozio

Hannah might not know this, but she is special, and I do mean special in that funny way, that way that makes you always want her around. A true comedienne, who’s chuckle is infectious. Hannah found yoga while completing a BFA in Contemporary Dance and immediately began to develop a devotion to ‘the’ practice. Soon… More details

Annie Chamberland yoga teacher Moksha Montreal

Annie Chamberland

Annie believes that if everyone practiced savasana everyday, we could change the world. After flirting with yoga, she fell in love with Moksha in May 2008. The heat sparked Annie’s curiosity about yoga and she travelled to India in 2009. Over the five weeks she spent there, Annie found herself constantly wrapped up in moments… More details