Cross Training

I rowed full time for 15 years and while my body became very familiar with the motions of rowing, I was ultimately at risk of injuring myself doing almost anything else. Core strength has since become the central pillar of performance in any sport and for me the environment of Moksha Yoga Hot Yoga became the place where I could focus on both my core health and stability as well as over all muscle tone and strength.

I suffered a major back injury at the 2000 Olympics before I practiced any kind of hot yoga. After suffering this injury I used Moksha Yoga classes to work through scar tissue and to reestablish the core strength that my body could use for acceleration AND stabilization.

Moksha Yoga offers an opportunity to work on strength, balance and focus while also ensuring the development of flexibility, core strength, and muscle health. There is nothing else that frees up my muscle tissue (quads, back, shoulders) to work so fluidly as a regular Moksha Yoga practice! 6 years later, I no longer compete internationally but I do still race and ... I'm still collecting some hardware!

Marnie McBean

3 time Olympic Champion
Canadian Olympic Committee/Comite Olympique Canadian

General Health and Well-Being

When I first tried Moksha Yoga, I was blown away by the intensity of it. It was such a perfect challenge for the mind and the body. As a training actor, Moksha Yoga helped me be aware of my body, move consciously, focusing the mind, finding stillness and staying centered. After my first class, I was absolutely hooked. I love how each class is a challenge. I love how the challenge brings growth. I love how the growth brings peace.

When I started, my mind was so quick and active, and my life was taking that form too. With Moksha Yoga, I started to take the yoga out of the studio and into my daily life. I am more focused and try to remain in the present as I am talking to people, truly listening. I now use the 'letting go' that we do after a posture in my day-to-day life. When I feel frustrated or angry with something, I just let the frustration wash away, and start with a clean slate.
I also look for that joy in things that I do that seem tedious, boring or frustrating. And of course, I am more aware of my physical state, and am less abusive to my body. I give it food it wants, not something that will fill some other kind of void. I just feel a lot healthier and more energized. I feel like I am using my potential rather than burying it.
All I can say is that I love it! I feel so grateful for my practice, because I feel it's saved my life.


Bipolar Disorder

I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder three years ago. I take a combination of medications that help me manage my moods. But it is really practicing Moksha Hot Yoga that has enabled me to manage my illness. I started practicing Moksha two years ago. I have experienced difficult side-effects from various medications, including weight gain, apathy and difficulty waking up. Aside from helping me control my weight, practicing Moksha has helped me motivate myself when I am feeling apathetic, and slow down when I am feeling manic. It also helps when I am feeling down. Through practicing Moksha - I quit smoking (used to be a pack a day) and stopped shopping (used to be a thousand dollars or so per trip); two unhealthy addictions that often come along with manic depression.

I have come to see the practice as a microcosm of my life, in that if I can get through difficult postures I can try my best to get through difficult days with the same focus and optimism.
Taking up the practice was challenging at first, but it has become nurturing and fulfilling. I would recommend Moksha Yoga to anyone as a stress management tool, an anxiety management tool, and an overall great addition to any mental health program.
All the best to you. Namaste.

Depression and Trauma

I will get straight to the point. I was molested as a child, raped when I was in grade 9, and by the age of 15 a childhood friend had been murdered and my best friend had committed suicide. To say the least times were tough.

Most of the time the toughest challenge was just getting out of bed. Sleepless nights filled with anxiety and fear made mornings overwhelming. Some days I physically was unable to get up out of bed.
In the thick of my depression I found Moksha Yoga. I went into class skeptical and came out wide-eyed and hopeful. It was the first time my mind had stopped thinking and spinning for as long as I could remember. My body and mind felt amazing. I became completely hooked. I started sleeping through the nights, waking up well rested, began being interested in trying new things and started to see how debilitating self judgement was. I even became excited to wake up, which I didn't think would ever be a possibility.
Not only did Moksha Yoga keep me from drowning but it made me fly above the waves. To anyone who feels depressed, tired, uninspired, etc, I so suggest you try this. I truly don't think I would be here today if I hadn't found this yoga.  It's like nothing I've ever tried!

Anonymous, Toronto


I work in the fitness industry and am a very athletic and active 31 year old. I didn’t think there was much that I could do to add to my fitness regime, until I was introduced to Moksha Yoga. I was very hesitant to try yoga, thinking that it was probably too easy and low-key for me. I was amazed. While the Moksha Yoga series is designed for people at all levels, I was astonished at how challenging it was for me. I had sustained a number of serious injuries through athletics over the years: a broken femur, elbow, ankle, and foot to name a few. The effects of the injuries are developing into osteoarthritis in a variety of joints. When I first came to yoga I could barely kneel. I also realized that my flexibility needed huge improvement. After practicing for only a year, the difference is incredible. I’ve experienced amazing improvements in joint mobility, flexibility, and range of motion. I also find that Moksha Yoga requires intense focus and concentration, something I’ve been able to translate to the other activities and areas of my life. These benefits have positively affected so many things from hockey and weight training to just being a more relaxed person. I would encourage anyone who ever thought yoga was easy to give it a try – they’ll be amazed.

Michael Sedlak

Stress Management

I am an entrepreneur with a North American business in a highly competitive technology sector. I live a very busy life and am consumed with my work all the time. When not working I think about work and the things I have to get done. I live with constant stress and tension that has manifested itself in a variety of physical and emotional ailments over the years.

I began practicing Moksha Yoga regularly in November and since that time my life has changed. Literally. I am more self-aware and have learned to listen to my body. I am able to concentrate longer and more deeply. I am able to detach myself from things and let them go in moments where I used to hold on for hours or days. Physically, I am stronger, my balance is much improved and my flexibility elevated. Moreover, the vast majority of the aches and pains have minimized or disappeared altogether.
Moksha Yoga is helping me to push the outer limits of what I can accomplish mentally and physically. It forces me to look at myself, and in the end, that's where all the stress, tension and judgment comes from in the first place.

Eric Yuzpe

Vice President Kaboose Inc. 

Addiction and Weight Loss

Five years ago I finally managed to quit smoking after 20 years of a pack a day habit. I was thrilled with my progress but at the same time shocked and dismayed at the rapid weight gain that I was experiencing. When all was said and done I had gained a whopping 30 pounds in less than 3 months. It was just horrible. I had been slim my whole life and for the first time I found myself at an unhealthy weight. My clothes didn't fit any more and I felt sluggish and tired all the time. I hated the way I looked and and felt. I took up running in the hopes that the weight would melt away but, surprisingly, it didn't. I lost a mere 10 pounds and got "stuck".

I discovered, now that I was in my mid-thirties, that my metabolism was at an all-time low. Four years later I was still "stuck", in fact I had actually gained back a couple of the pounds I had lost. I was getting more depressed with each passing week of failure until one day on my way in to work I noticed the Moksha Yoga sign just up the road from my office. In desperation, I negotiated with my boss to be able to extend my lunch hour 30 minutes a couple of days a week so that I could take the 60 minute class.
To my absolute amazement the pounds began dropping away. Not only that but I have found that I feel "cleaner", "less toxic" and almost unconciously I find myself reaching for healthier food options and smaller portions. I thought that I would be tired after classes but instead I feel absolutely invigorated! My afternoons fly by.
I've been losing weight at a steady pace and it doesn't seem to be slowing down at all. I'm SO excited I can't imagine ever going back.

Gwenna Gundy

Menopause and Hot Yoga

Unexplained emotional intensity, lack of confidence, sleepless nights and hot flashes are only a few of the challenges that have come along with menopause. On some days, a simple decision can be as challenging as programming my new cell phone! And on some days, nothings seems to be clear.

About 6 months ago my daughters introduced me to Moksha Yoga and my life took a different turn. There were so many postures that I was sure my 56-year-old body would never be able to do, but standing for 90 minutes and looking into my eyes has given me the opportunity to feel my own strength. It was a gradual process, but I find that each day my yoga practice introduces new challenges that I’m shocked my body has met. My muscles started to strengthen and stretch, my hot flashes diminished and are now gone, and the chronic pain in my toe and shoulder have disappeared. 

All these benefits have given me a great sense of confidence and a feeling that I am invincible. On top of this, I have gained a newfound confidence, more restful sleeps, and a deeper awareness of my personal abilities. I highly recommend that every woman experiencing menopausal times try at least a few classes to see how they go. The rewards are astounding.

Janet Robertson, Teacher